Our Pansy Series addressable led strips (WS2811) and (WS2812B) are programmable LED Strip lights and can be used to create endless lighting themes, images.

These 5v color changing LED Strip lights come in a couple of variations depending on what your needs are for the application.

Our quality SPI  LED strip lights have a 3 year warranty. Use together with one of our LED Profiles to maximise the lifespan.

Addressable LED strip ~ Pansy Series

Some Of Our Pixel Controllers

Some facts on Addressable Pixel LED strips

W4S supplies and supports a huge range of individually addressable LED strip

Our most popular addressable LED strip is the 5v RGB LED strip or also known as WS2811 Multicolor led strip.

RGB addressable LED strip is also commonly referred to as Raspberry PI LED strip, Digital RGB LED strip, Arduino LED strip as it is compatible with these various programmable control systems.

We also offer the service of building custom Pixel controllers

Some of the reasons why WS2811 LED strip tends to more popular than eg.WS2812b LED strip or the WS2801 LED strip are:-

  • The WS2801 has the 4th wire for a clock as the clock is internal to the chip. This adds to costs.
  • WS2811 outputs at 18.5mA per color vs the 2801 which is 20mA under driving will increase the life of the LED
  • The WS2811 can achieve a further distance between controller and first pixel than what the 2801 can.

Why 5v LED strip?

WS2811 and WS2812 pixel chips run at about 5vDC
So a 12vDC WS2811 LED strip would require resistors or multiple LEDs in series to operate at 12vDC.

There is a limit to the current that the 12v lines on the strip can handle which means that you would have to inject new power frequently

Custom requirements

Due to the vast amount of variations of protocols ,populations etc. etc we only display a few of our popular items.

Most custom spec LED pixel strip or DMX LED strip products can be obtained at very short notice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here in Knoxville,TN,USA with your exact requirements

Most common chip types with specs in LED Strip lighting

8 bits per color, 256 dimming levels per color.

(Total Colors = 256x256x256 = 16,777,216 colors)

  • WS2801 - 4 wire (can drive 3 channels, or 1 RGB LED)
  • WS2811 - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels, or 1 RGB LED)
  • WS2811-5050-RGB - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels on 1 integrated RGB LED)
  • WS2812 - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels on 1 integrated RGB LED)
  • WS2812B - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels on 1 integrated RGB LED)

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