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Addressable LED strip

Some Of Our Pixel Controllers

Some facts on Addressable Pixel LED strips

W4S supplies and supports a huge range of individually addressable LED strip

Our most popular addressable LED strip is the 5v RGB LED strip or also known as WS2811 Multicolor led strip.

RGB addressable LED strip is also commonly referred to as Raspberry PI LED strip, Digital RGB LED strip, Arduino LED strip as it is compatible with these various programmable control systems.

We also offer the service of building custom Pixel controllers

Some of the reasons why WS2811 LED strip tends to more popular than eg.WS2812b LED strip or the WS2801 LED strip are:-

  • The WS2801 has the 4th wire for a clock as the clock is internal to the chip. This adds to costs.
  • WS2811 outputs at 18.5mA per color vs the 2801 which is 20mA under driving will increase the life of the LED
  • The WS2811 can achieve a further distance between controller and first pixel than what the 2801 can.

Why 5v LED strip?

WS2811 and WS2812 pixel chips run at about 5vDC
So a 12vDC WS2811 LED strip would require resistors or multiple LEDs in series to operate at 12vDC.

There is a limit to the current that the 12v lines on the strip can handle which means that you would have to inject new power frequently

Custom requirements

Due to the vast amount of variations of protocols ,populations etc. etc we only display a few of our popular items.

Most custom spec LED pixel strip or DMX LED strip products can be obtained at very short notice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here in Knoxville,TN,USA with your exact requirements

Most common chip types with specs in LED Strip lighting

8 bits per color, 256 dimming levels per color.

(Total Colors = 256x256x256 = 16,777,216 colors)

  • WS2801 - 4 wire (can drive 3 channels, or 1 RGB LED)
  • WS2811 - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels, or 1 RGB LED)
  • WS2811-5050-RGB - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels on 1 integrated RGB LED)
  • WS2812 - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels on 1 integrated RGB LED)
  • WS2812B - 3 wire (can drive 3 channels on 1 integrated RGB LED)

What is an Addressable LED Strip?

An addressable LED strip is a type of programmable lighting strip where each LED is equipped with its own built-in driver. This unique feature allows you to control the brightness and color of each individual LED separately. This means that one LED on the strip can display a different color or brightness compared to the LED right next to it.

This level of control enables the creation of beautiful and intricate lighting effects. Addressable LED strips are also known as IC-controlled LED strips because they have multiple integrated circuits (ICs) on their PCB board to control the LEDs. When these ICs control RGB LEDs, they are referred to as RGBIC LED strips. Essentially, each LED in an addressable LED strip can be individually programmed and controlled, giving you precise and customizable lighting options.

Advantages of Using Addressable LED Strips

Apart from being dynamic and colorful, addressable LED strips are also energy-efficient, flexible, and highly customizable. They allow you to create a lighting solution tailored to your specific needs and bring your creative vision to the forefront.

Understanding Addressable LED Strips

Addressable LED strips are a type of LED lighting that allow for individual control of each light, making it possible to create dynamic, colorful light displays. These strips have tiny integrated circuits that control each LED, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to lighting design.

How do Addressable LED strips work? Quite simply, each LED is assigned a specific digital code, allowing it to receive instructions from a controller on how to operate. This makes it possible to create complex displays and animations with multiple colors and effects.

When it comes to types of Addressable LED strips, there are a few to choose from. The WS2812B is a popular option, known for its flexibility and compatibility with a variety of controllers. The WS2813 is an improved version that is able to continue functioning even if one LED fails. For those looking for a strip that can withstand outdoor elements, the WS2815 is a waterproof option that is built to last.

Overall, 5v Addressable LED strips offer a world of creative possibilities when it comes to lighting design. By understanding the types of strips available and how they work, users can make informed decisions when selecting a product for their specific needs.

Some Common Applications for Addressable LED Strips

  1. Home Lighting: Adding dynamic and customizable lighting to residential spaces, such as under cabinets, behind TVs, or in bedrooms, for mood lighting and ambiance.

  2. Architectural Lighting: Illuminating architectural features like staircases, alcoves, and outdoor facades with color-changing effects.

  3. Entertainment and Gaming: Enhancing gaming setups, home theaters, and entertainment centers with immersive lighting that syncs with on-screen content.

  4. Event and Party Lighting: Creating vibrant and eye-catching lighting displays for parties, weddings, and special events.

  5. Art Installations: Incorporating addressable LED strips into art installations to add movement and interactivity to visual artworks.

  6. Retail Displays: Drawing attention to products and enhancing the shopping experience with dynamic and attention-grabbing lighting in retail settings.

  7. Signage and Branding: Designing eye-catching signs and logos that stand out and can change colors and patterns. 

  8. Stage and Performance Lighting: Providing versatile lighting solutions for stages, concerts, and theater productions, allowing for dynamic and synchronized lighting effects.

  9. DIY Projects: Using 12v addressable LED strip in creative DIY projects, including custom lighting fixtures, holiday decorations, and more.

  10. Industrial and Commercial Applications: Employing 5v addressable LED strips for various industrial and commercial uses, such as accent lighting in restaurants, bars, or hotels, as well as in architectural and interior design projects.

These versatile LED strips offer endless possibilities for enhancing aesthetics and creating immersive lighting experiences in a wide range of settings.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Addressable LED Strip

Selecting the right addressable LED strip for your project requires careful consideration of several factors. The following are critical factors to keep in mind when selecting an LED strip for your project:

Length and Density of LED Strip: When considering the length and density of LED strip, ask yourself how much of the strip you need for your project and how many LED lights per meter (density) are required. You should also ensure that the LED strip can be cut to the length you require.

Voltage and Power Consumption: Make sure the LED strip voltage matches the voltage of the controller and power supply for the best performance. Consider the power consumption of the LED strip and ensure that you have a power supply that can handle the power demand of the strip.

Waterproofing: If your LED strip will be exposed to water or moisture, it is critical to choose a waterproof LED strip. Common waterproofing options include IP65 (resistant to water sprays) and IP68 (submersible).

Controller Compatibility: Before buying an addressable LED strip, make sure that the controller you plan to use can support the LED strip. Some LED strips are only compatible with specific controllers, so be sure to check before making your purchase.

Choosing the right addressable LED strip can be challenging, but careful consideration of the factors above will help you select the best LED strip for your project. 

Lantana Series SK6812 LED Strip: The Future of Color-Changing Lighting 

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we are excited to present our latest addition to the Pixel LED Strip family. Our newest addition to our Pixel LED Strip range is the Lantana Series Sk6812 LED strip.

We are phasing out our Pansy Series addressable led strips (WS2811) and (WS2812B) and have limited stock. These 5v color changing LED Strip lights to come in a couple of variations depending on what your needs are for the application. Whether you're looking to illuminate your space with vibrant colors or create dynamic lighting effects, these LED strips have you covered. 

Our quality SPI LED strip lights to have a 3-year warranty. Use together with one of our LED Profiles to maximize the lifespan. Embrace the future of dynamic lighting with the Lantana Series SK6812 LED Strip.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with 5V Addressable LED Strip

Looking to add some magic to your outdoor space? Do you want to add a touch of magic and create a mesmerizing ambiance? With the help of 5V addressable LED strip lights, you can transform your outdoor space into a vibrant and enchanting oasis. These LED strip lights are the perfect solution to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor area. So, let's dive in and explore the world of addressable LED strip lights!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is addressable LED the same as RGB?
A: No, addresable LED strip is not the same as RGB. Addressable LED refers to the ability to individually control each LED on a strip, allowing for different colors and brightness levels for each LED. RGB, on the other hand, typically refers to LED strips where groups of LEDs share the same color control, so all LEDs in a group display the same color simultaneously. Addressable LEDs provide more flexibility and customization compared to RGB LED strips.

Q: Can I cut and customize the length of addressable LED strips?
A: Yes, you can cut and customize the length of addressable LED strips. 5v Addressable LED strips are typically designed with designated cut points, usually marked with a line or symbol.

Q: Are addressable LED strips compatible with smart home systems?
A: Yes, addressable LED strips are compatible with many smart home systems. These LED strips can be integrated into smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or other compatible platforms. 

Q: Do addressable LED strips require a special power supply?
A: Adressable LED strips may require a specific power supply, depending on their voltage and power requirements. Most addresable LED strips operate on a 5-volt (V) or 12-volt (V) power supply. It's crucial to match the voltage of the power supply with the LED strip's voltage rating to ensure proper functionality. 

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