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Single Color High Power IP20 LED Strip (24V) ~ Carnation Series

Single Color High Power IP20 LED Strip (24V) ~ Carnation Series

Original price $6.27 USD - Original price $4,195.40 USD
Original price $6.27 USD
$6.27 USD
$6.27 USD - $4,195.40 USD
Current price $6.27 USD

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Single Color High Power IP20 LED Strip (24V) ~ Carnation Series

The Carnation series is a quality architectural Color LED strip available in Blue LED tape lights, Red LED strip lights, Green LED strips, and Yellow LED tape lights. Yellow LED light strips are often referred to as amber LED tape lights as the color is more an orange-yellow color than a green-yellow.

This Single Color High Power LED Strip Carnation Series is a 24V LED strip, so it will require a 24V LED strip light driver or a 24V battery.

The Carnation series high power single color LED strip is also available as a 12V color LED strip version. And also as the the exact configuration of this strip but in a waterproof LED strip version for outdoor light. On the other hand, We have replaced the 3528 SMD chip with the smaller, more efficient 2216 SMD chip.

If you want a particular color LED tape light that is not available with our standard color LED tape light, we suggest you review our RGB LED tape lights. With the help of our Casambi LED controller, the RGB color LED strip enables you to mix any color light you want.

We recommend that with 24V color LED strip lights. You can power up to 8-10m of an LED strip from one side with 24V power supplies without any visible light loss at the end. (Double that amount when powering from both sides)

General specifications

  • LED strip width:
    • 60 LEDs/m: 8mm
    • 120 LEDs/m: 8mm
    • 180 LEDs/m: 10mm
  • 2216 LED chips
  • Colors available: Blue LED strip Light, Green LED strip light, Red LED strip light and Yellow LED strip light (Amber LED strip)
  • Environmental protection: IP20 (Waterproof LED strip version available)
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Dimmable LED strip
  • Cutting pitch: Cutting segments are 33mm on the 180 LED strip, 50mm on the 120 LED strip and 100mm on the 60 LED strip


What makes us different from others?

  • High CRI LED Strip not made in China
  • Factory with over 20 years of experience in the lighting market
  • Carefully selected components from leading brands
  • Designed by engineers with many years of experience
  • All production batches go through a 5-step quality control
  • Our High CRI LED Strip rolls are available in 16.4ft and bulk led strip 328ft rolls(on demand)
  • 5 year warranty


  • Are led lights cuttable? Yes, note the cutting segments on each version of the color LED strip.
  • How to cut LED strips? Note the cutting distance marked on the LED strip and also cut with a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Can LED tape light be used in swimming pools?
  • What is the best method to connect wires LED strip? We always recommend soldering led strips-waterproof the connections with electrical silicone or our UV sealer.
  • Do you get solar-powered waterproof led strip lights? Yes, LED strips work fine on solar installations as long as the incoming voltage is constant 24vDC.  And we also do have a waterproof strip for that application.
  • Do you get waterproof led strip lights for showers? yes, we can provide either waterproof LED tape or we offer the service of using a special resin for LEDs to encapsulate the LED strip completely
  • Do you supply waterproof led strip lights for pools? Yes, we can also build custom resin-filled LED fixtures wholly encapsulated.
  • How to hide led strip lights on shelves? You can browse our selection of LED channels, and the most popular LED channel for shelves is our BEGTON12 12mm LED channel.
  • Can you bend led strip lights around corners? Yes. You can carefully turn the LED strip, or some LED strips come with premade 90-degree corners if needed.
  • Can these LED strips be compared to Homelife-led strips and are homelife-led lights any good? We do not have any experience with Homelife LEDs but our LEDs are manufactured in Europe and are architectural quality LED strips.

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Shipping restrictions

We cannot ship rigid items over 2.4m (8ft) in length due to freight restrictions. These products are offered for customer pickup only. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for further information.

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We accept returns at our sole discretion. Returns must be in as-new condition and in original packaging. Please refer to our returns policy for more information.