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led loft lights

Awesome ideas for effective LED loft lighting

So the time has come, and you've decided to remodel your loft space. Don't forget that lighting plays a key part of any interior design and is a very important part of setting the mood in the room. This means that your choice of lighting will be an important part of converting or updating your loft room.

Today we are going to discuss a couple of LED loft lighting ideas. The ideas are just just as popular if you're looking at tiny house LED lighting. Linear LED lights are of course ideal for modern loft lighting, but they can also be used to add discrete additional ambient lighting even in a farmhouse-style loft where exposed light fixtures are a feature of the decor.

The case for LED loft lights

Using LED loft lights in your attic conversion offers a number of advantages over traditional forms of lighting.

  • Tunable white LED lights can give you both bright natural white lighting in the day and then soft, warm white lights in the evening for a cozy feel in your small space. Use tunable white for bedrooms or relaxation spaces.
  • LED strip lights are energy efficient and do not generate much heat, which is great factor for tight spaces like a small loft room.
  • You can get very compact channels for LED strip lights in your loft which will not be an obstruction if the ceiling is low.

Let's take a look at some loft room lighting ideas...

Concealed loft lighting

Concealed or indirect lighting is a good option in small rooms such as an attic or loft room because the light source is not as jarring.

Concealed loft lighting ideas
Image by @atticpros

You could use cove lighting in your loft, or concealed cornice lighting directed upwards onto the ceiling of your loft.

Similarly, using LED baseboard lights in your loft will allow you to add an additional light source to fill your space.

If you have a bedroom in your loft, another option for adding ambient lighting would be to use LED lights under your loft bed. Loft bed lighting combines very well will illuminated baseboard lights in your loft.

As an alternative to installing indirect lights underneath your loft bed, your could install hidden LED lights behind your headboard to create a halo glow off the loft walls.

Recessed lights for your attic

Recessed linear lights work well in any space where the ceiling is low, such as loft conversions or attics. Some LED channels for recessed installation have a very shallow depth which allows them to be installed in plasterboard without even affecting the structure behind the board. Our Flat8 profile is good example.

It depends on the scope of your loft remodeling project, but if you are installing new plasterboard then you can also consider using mud-in LED channels for a completely trimless line of light.

Consider using recessed lights for your loft room where you want to make a feature of the lighting in a modern loft conversion. Recessed linear lights are also well recommended if it will be a study or office loft room.

Using surface mount lights in a loft

Of course, surface mounted LED light channels are adaptable to almost any application, including lighting for your loft room upgrade. You can choose from a wide selection of surface mount LED channels in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and these can be mounted on just about any surface in your loft.

Linear wall sconce lights are a good option in lofts and attics with a low roof height where overhead lighting is less effective. LED channels which feature up-and-down lighting can be used to gently wash a whole wall of your loft room with light.

Tile-in lights for a loft bathroom

Bathroom and shower lighting can transform your personal space into something special. Using tile-in LED lights between the tiles in your loft bathroom give a modern lighting effect and takes up no space at all. Obviously you would use waterproof LED strip for any lighting in a loft bathroom.

Wait, my loft isn't tiny - it is an industrial loft conversion!

We get it, a loft conversion doesn't always mean a tight space and your lighting options are different in an industrial loft conversion. Industrial loft lighting offers different options to the constraints of a small attic conversion.

Linear pendant loft light ideas
Image by Brandon Cormier on Unsplash

One things is that the extra volume of an industrial loft conversion makes LED loft pendant lights an appealing option. There are two main kinds of pendant lights that you could use in your industrial loft space:

Linear LED pendant lights: These long straight hanging LED lights are good for filling empty space and provide plenty of lighting for large areas. We recommend using an LED channel which has up and down lighting for the best effect. Some linear LED profiles offer ready-made corner pieces, which allows you to create awesome shaped LED pendants such as square or hexagon LED pendants, or even zig-zag shaped continuous linear pendant lights which follow a path.

Vertical pendant lights: Hanging LED light tubes from the ceiling, especially in clusters, creates a visually stunning light source. Suspended vertical pendant lights work well in split level settings to fill open air space. We suggest using RGB or RGBW LED tubes for the ultimate effect!

Dropped ceiling lights for an industrial loft conversion

The extra space of an industrial loft or warehouse conversion also allows you to use dropped ceiling border with concealed lighting. In this case, you create a suspended border box from plasterboard and then install LED strip light on top of the boxing which illuminates the whole ceiling area. This style of lighting is effective for visually creating separate areas within a large open space. There are a selection of concealed lighting LED channels specifically designed for this purpose which allow for creative loft lighting effects.

Dropped ceiling loft lighting ideas
Image by Eduardo Freire on Unsplash

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am doing my own loft conversion. How do I install my own LED lights?

A: Most profiles have detailed installation instructions specific to that profile, but do read our blog on installing recessed lighting and our general instructions on cutting LED profiles. While do-it-yourself is possible, we ALWAYS recommend having a licensed electrician do the wiring to ensure everything is done to code.

Q: What kind of power do LED loft lights require?

A: The LED strip lights for your loft will typically run off 24V DC. To power your lift lights, you will need an LED driver to convert 100V AC mains to the 24V DC for the LED strip lights. Read our tips on choosing a power supply.

Q: What should I consider if our loft conversion will be a craft studio?

A: The main thing to consider when lighting your studio loft is the CRI rating of your LED strip. This is the color-rendering index, or how the light will affect the way you see colors. This is obviously a very important consideration for choosing lights for painting, sewing, quilting and other artistic purposes. Cheap no-name brand LED strips generally have a much poorer CRI rating than our professional grade LED tape.

Q: Are all LED lights cold and harsh, or can I get soft warm lights for my loft?

A: Modern LED lights are available in a range of color temperatures and even as adjustable white LED strip. The color temperature of the LED strip does not affect the CRI index, so you can have soft warm lighting which still offers accurate color rendering.

Q: Can I have dimmable loft lights?

A: Yes, LED strip lights are dimmable. All you need for dimmable LED lighting in your attic conversion is a dimming controller between the power supply and the LED strip. We even have controllers that can be remotely operated from your smartphone.

Expert advice for loft conversion lights

Maybe you have an idea we have not discussed? Or you need help with a customized solution? Contact us for personal assistance.

Title image by @atticpros

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