SLW10 Opal and 50% Opal lens comparison (Step-by-Step Guide)

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opal 50% vs opal SLW10 LED channel

SLW10 Opal and 50% Opal lens comparison

Are you trying to decide what type of lens to choose for your LED profile to suit your application? Let's take a look at the difference between two commonly chosen options - Opal and 50% Opal - on our popular SLW10 surface mount profile.

For this test, we used our White Iris 180 LED/meter Natural White (4000K) LED strip.

Firstly, the picture above shows the visual difference. You can see how the Opal lens on the left diffuses the LED dots more than the 50% Opal on the right. On the other hand the 50% Opal lens at 39,000 lux has a higher light output than the Opal lens at 35,000 lux. For comparison, using no cover at all allows for a light output of nearly 46,000 lux.

We analyzed the lighting characteristics of each cover with our Spectrum Genius tool. Please look at the summary comparison report to see the detailed differences side-by-side. The full report for each lens is linked below.

If you are an architect or lighting designer and need technical analysis on any of our other products, please contact us at info@w4susa for assistance and advice.

Test Reports:

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