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Resin Filled LED Signage

Resin Filled LED Signage

Wired4Signs USA now combines its extensive knowledge of modern signage, epoxy resins and LED lighting to produce wholesale and custom made epoxy resin signage and lighting products.

LED resin filling gives superior diffusion with higher light output than conventional acrylic sheet diffusion.

Although commonly called epoxy resin, our product's formulation is actually a polyurethane (PU). Normal epoxy will turn yellow after time whereas our PU Resin is UV stable and will maintain its true color.

PU Epoxy filled channels are fully waterproof and, due to the diffusion properties of the material we use, an LED epoxy sign can generally have a far lower return than conventional acrylic led letters.

Resin filled LED signage letterA typical resin-filled letter

Popular applications

  • LED house number signs
  • PU Epoxy resin signage
  • Resin letters for signs
  • Lighted Letters 

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