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Ceiling and Floor LED Strip Channel ~ Model Alu-Swiss 20

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Ceiling and Floor LED Strip Channel ~ Model Alu-Swiss 20

This solid, versatile, Floor LED Strip Trim can be used in many other applications including as a flush mount ceiling channel or a suspended pendant light fixture

Our Alu-Swiss 20 LED floor lighting strips channel is small in dimensions but substantial in weight and provides great heat dissipation so it can easily handle up to 22W/m of the LED power and maintain the temperature stable on the level of 47'C.

The Alu-Swiss 20 can also be used as a LED surface mount profile and can be secured using separate, optional extra, fixation base profile.  

The new, low light reduction, diffusers also provide a led pixel-free appearance and are "walk-over safe" making it an ideal Floor LED Strip Channel.

The Floor LED Strip Channel can be also cased with the silicon and epoxy resin as the waterproof solution for the wet environment.

The heat dissipation, as well as the light distribution, was optimized for best performance and easy installation

The Alu-Swiss 20 Floor LED Strip trim also has a series of 90-degree connectors to make secure bends. See accessories below.

See full product brochure here

Important Notes:

  • LED profiles can easily be cut by hand or by machine.
  • For your convenience Wired4Signs USA can cut LED profiles according to your requirements.
  • Please note that we cannot refund or replace LED profiles and covers that have been cut.
  • LED strip, diffuser, and accessories are sold separately from the aluminum Floor LED Strip profile. Please see details below this listing
  • Shipping on 3-meter lengths may differ from checkout calculation. Please contact us for more information
  • Stock Items Are Same Day Shipped From Knoxville, Tennesse, United States.
  • Bulk Pricing Available on Request
  • We recommend using our high-density led strip with this profile- see options here

Alu Swiss 20 Accessories