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Buy Best LED Strip Lights | Exterior LED Lighting For Home

Commercial Quality
True Color Rendering,High Output
Color Changing Strips
Set any color from Warm To Cool White
Fully Encapsulated LED Strip
Color Chasing LED Strip
LED Food Strip, LED Grow Strip, Angle Adjustable Strip
Chips shine at 180deg to PCB
W4S LED Strip lighting range

W4S,established in 2004, have built up a large selection of LED strip lights for the display , architectural, residential and commercial industries

Supplied and supported from Knoxville, TN, USA our LED strip lighting is manufactured according to set quality standards and by manufacturers that we have been dealing with for 5+ years.

Our products are sold with a minimum 3 year warranty and we will assist you in every way possible to ensure achieving the max life span of your LED strip lighting.

We specifically do not promote cheap LED strips as we are supplying into markets that require a finished product that will last many years.

Our led strip is generally sold in 5meter (16.5ft)reels but we offer the service of cutting to length and selling by foot :-
contact us directly for assistance

Our standard strip catagories are as follows - click pics for more info

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Warm white,natural white and cool white color LED strip

other standard colors include
  • green LED light strips
  • blue LED strip
  • orange LED strip
  • red LED strip lights
  • amber LED strip

LED strip high CRI has current regulation and temp control for maximum color rendering and life span
  • WS2812B addressable LED strip
  • WS2811 LED strip
  • Digital RGB LED strip
  • Individually addressable LED strip
  • DMX LED strip

  • RGB white led strip or RGBW LED strip
  • LED color changing lights
  • color changing LED strip
  • 24 volt RGB LED strip
  • 5050 RGB LED strip
  • easily mix a pink LED strip
  • RGB LED strip controller
  • multi color LED strip
  • LED grow light strips fluorescent grow lights
  • LED grow light kits using our aluminum profiles

  • IR LED strip

CCT LED strip gives you the option to set the desired kelvin that you require by using our CCT controllers

So it effectively incorporates a
daylight LED strip ,natural light LED strip and a warm white LED strip (soft white LED strip) in on one PCB

  • Adjustable LED light strip
  • meat display
  • meat light
  • meat case display
  • meat display lighting
  • bakery lighting
  • meat display case

Our range will cover any of the following solution requests - so please feel free contact us for any assistance and free advise in order to choose the correct product (we know these decisions can be rather overwhelming).

  • Dimmable LED strip lights
  • Battery powered LED light strips
  • LED light strips with remote
  • Multi color LED light strips
  • LED strip diffuser
  • LED strip housing
  • Tape light
  • 5050 LED strip
  • 3528 LED
  • Constant current LED strip
  • Battery powered LED light strips
  • 24 volt LED strip,12 volt LED lights,24v LED strip
  • Under cabinet LED lighting
  • LED light strips for homes
  • LED strip lights for cars
  • LED light kit
  • LED kitchen lighting, LED cabinet lighting
  • 12v LED lights
  • LED strip lights outdoor use to replace the problematic LED rope light
  • Outdoor LED strip lights , Waterproof LED lights, Exterior LED strip lighting, IP68 LED strip

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