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How to clean acrylic

How to clean acrylic

How to clean plexiglass or clear acrylic using Brillianize

Safety First

Read, understand and follow all directions before beginning any job. Wear appropriate protective safety glasses. To prevent slipping, avoid overspray on smooth floor surfaces.


  • we recommend that you coat the acrylic with Brillianize as soon as you can after pulling the paper mask of the acrylic
  • works well to coat the surface before lazer etching or engraving as it makes it a lot easier to clean away the plastic residue when complete
  • bearing mind that this cleaner leaves a silicone layer on the surface so any vinyl application or bonding should be done before using Brillianize as it will affect surface adhesion

Large Areas

Apply Brillianize liberally with one of our sprayers. For large sheets of plastic or glass, the #32 with its trigger spray and adjustable nozzle will let you control the spray pattern and amount of Brillianize applied to the surface. Clean and polish a couple of square feet at a time. Use one or two squirts for each area. Once you have applied Brillianize to the surface using an appropriate polishing cloth to polish the surface to a lustrous shine. Remove all the liquid Brillianize in each section before moving on the next area.

Our high capacity microfiber circular knit polishing cloth is ideal for maximum productivity on larger jobs. This 'terry' style cloth with its deep pile will absorb over 11 times its weight in fluid, helping you to get more work done. Our microfiber polishing cloths are made from ultra-fine fibers.

Client Jobs

When a disposable cloth is a job requirement. The Brillianize 'SofKloth' is the first and best choice to ensure quality and integrity for your clients. Brillianize offers three sizes and grades of disposable polishing cloths.

No. 200 Ultimate SofKloth

Aerospace-grade polishing towel. This 9.75" by 11.75" napkin folded towel is highly absorbent and cost-efficient. Our #200 towel is lint-free and contains no wood pulp or polyester.

No. 400 SofKloth

Premium optical grade 15" by 13.5" quarter folded a towel. The #400 towel is a polyester/rayon blend suitable for all jobs, its larger size helps you work quickly. This towel holds more than 5 times its weight in fluid and is very durable.

No. 600 SofKloth

Our largest SofKloth is a 17" by 17" quarter folded towel designed to handle the biggest jobs. This polyester/rayon blend is ideal for any shop floor where high productivity is critical.

See the complete Brillianize Range here

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