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lighted closet rod ideas

Designing a custom lighted closet rod

Illuminated closet rods are a practical upgrade as well as an attractive design feature. Read on in this guide if you want to find out how to install illuminated LED closet rods yourself. Our LED strip closet rods for sale make it easy.

DIY LED Rod Lighting Made Easy

lighted closet rod

Wired4Signs USA is a supplier of custom LED closet rod systems.

Our products are all either from the USA or made in Europe, so they are engineered from top-quality aluminum and provide all the strength and heat dissipation required for a reliable long-lasting installation.

Some considerations for your project

  1. What diameter rod are you after?

    We offer the choice of two different diameter closet rod profiles: The Alu-Round 38, which is 1.5" in diameter, and the smaller Alu-Round which is 0.945 "in diameter.

  2. What type of LED light strip is best for closets?

    • LED color: This is purely customer preference, but we would generally recommend 4000K LED strip light as it is the closest to natural light or sunlight, making the colors of your garment appear the most accurate.
    • CRI: High CRI LED strips will display the actual color of your clothes correctly. Read more about what CRI means in our blog.
    • Power: Generally, you would not require an LED strip with a higher wattage than 10 watts per meter, so our 120-LED/m White Iris series or White Lilly LED strip would be good choices.
    • Diffuser or clear lens: This would depend on whether you want more of an even, homogeneous glow light source from the opal or white diffuser or if you would like brighter, more direct, further reaching light which a clear lens provides.
    • Voltage: We always recommend 24V LED strip over against a 12V LED strip for many reasons, including the fact that you have half the current load.
  3. What type of 24V power supplies will you need for your closet lighting?

    • Battery powered: If there is no option to run power to your closet, you could use a battery power pack, but obviously, this would mean that you would have to recharge this power source from time to time.
    • You can use a hardwired inline power supply – this would mean that your electrician would wire these directly to a mains switch. You can include a motion sensor light switch for automatic control.
    • For more control, you can use a hardwired dimmable power supply which allows you to dim the installation from a regular LED-compatible wall dimmer.
    • App controlled dimmer: A Casambi Bluetooth or Blebox Wifi controller could be used with a hardwired or plug-type power supply to enable dimming and scheduling directly from your phone.
    • Using a plug type power supply is useful when you have an existing plug point in the closet and makes easy DIY installation because it does not require wiring into the AC circuits of your house.
  4. Measuring up your LED closet light bar

    Take careful note to allow for end caps and driver cable if you are entering the power or the tube will be cut to the wrong length. We have also written a blog on tips on cutting LED profiles and covers.

  5. Custom services

    We can build you a complete LED lightbar for closet applications as a plug-and-play solution or simply give you the guidance required for your own DIY LED closet fixture.

  6. Motion sensor light bar for closet

    We have a range of options for motion sensor light bar for closet and smart light sensors for illuminated closet rods. Some of our small motion or light sensors that can be installed right inside the LED light rods, making a complete smart fixture.

  7. Lit closet rod support arm

    If your LED light bar for closet spans over a long distance, i.e. anything longer than 2ft, then you will need to include a support arm bracket. We recommend that you space these every 2ft apart.

    led illuminated closet rod

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will LED closet rods damage my garments?
A: No, LED light is not damaging to fabric and the low energy technology of LED strip lighting means that they do not generate much heat either.

Q: Are lighted closet rods the only way to provide courtesy lighting inside a cupboard?
A: No, while illuminated closet rods light your garments directly, you can also use regular LED strip light channels mounted to the cabinet surfaces. These can either be used instead of lighted closet rods or additionally. Corner mounted LED channels are particularly effective for this purpose.

Q: Can my lighted closet rod switch on automatically?
A: Yes, we offer a range of LED strip sensor modules which can be used to detect presence (motion) or light/dark to control your courtesy lighting automatically.

Why buy closet bar lights from us?

  • Many of our contractors have had experience with Hafele wardrobe tubes or Richelieu closet rods but love the strength of our product.
  • We deal with our customers on a one-on-one basis and give you all the backup support you require.
  • Contact us with all the dimensions and requirements you have and let us help you to build the ultimate closet rod with light
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