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LED power supplies and drivers

LED power supplies and LED drivers

LED power supplies and LED drivers

We're pleased to offer the best high-efficiency LED drivers on the market. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, the brands we carry offer the best quality LED drivers for any custom project.

We have Magnitude Lutron LED drivers and Mean Well LED driver brands in stock and ready to ship to any part of the USA.

Meanwell HLG 100W driver

Dimmable magnetic LED driver

Understanding LED Drivers

An LED driver is an electrical device that helps regulate and supply constant energy to one or multiple LED strip runs. The purpose of an LED driver is to provide:

  • Low voltage (12-24V) direct current. Most electrical supplies provide higher voltage (120-277V) alternating current electricity. An LED driver will transform the high voltage and adapt it to suit what the LED fixture requires.
  • Protection for your LED light fixtures against current and voltage fluctuations. A LED driver rectifies this type of power to provide a consistent and safe flow of electricity.

When researching for a 24V or 12V power supply for your LED strip lights, keep in mind we sell all other components separately. This takes into account that all LED projects have different energy requirements and there's no one size fits all model.

If you're looking for Lutron LED drivers for wall switches, make sure to check our Magnitude power supplies. If on the other hand, you're looking for a power supply compatible with a phone app, our Meanwell LED drivers are what you're looking for.

LED driver benefits

  • They come in all shapes and sizes, and they can easily be hidden under cabinets for a minimalistic installation.
  • We don't just sell good, but excellent LED drivers that are easy to connect to your lighting fixtures, and most of them come with screw holes for a smooth mounting process.
  • Many of the non-dimmable and dimmable LED driver models we carry are outdoor rated and have a waterproof and dustproof design.
  • LED drivers have all sorts of low-wattage options, perfect for a large variety of LED light projects, including projects where you need a battery power supply for your LED lights or a class 2 LED power supply.
  • We offer 48, 24 and 12 volt LED drivers that are compatible with RGB, RGB+W, and tunable white LED strip lights.

LED drivers' basic installation process

Here are the basic steps for setting up your power supply installation:

  1. Make sure your LED driver is compatible with the lighting products you intend to attach it and that you have all needed components at hand, (i.e. the LED power supply adapter, wires, dimmers, etc). The voltage and amperage ratings should match the requirements for your LED lights.
  2. Make sure the constant current LED drivers you're planning to use will not be subjected to environmental challenges that they are not designed to handle. For instance, be sure your driver has an adequate amount of water resistance if you are installing LEDs in an outdoor setting.
  3. After determining your socket's positive and negative wires, unplug it from the grid.
  4. Connect the LED light driver terminals with the positive and negative wires from the LED system.
  5. Connect the driver's terminals with the positive and negative wires in the power socket.
  6. Test the installation thoroughly to make sure all connections are secure and applied correctly, and that the LED strip or LED driver is not overheating. If there's a malfunction, turn off your power source and determine what's causing the problem.
  7. Do read our blog with tips on common power supply mistakes to avoid.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I install the LED drivers for the lighting system under the sink cabinet?

A: If you are wondering how to hide LED strip power supply units, the answer is simple, you can place them in any ventilated area with easy access to the driver in case some maintenance needs to be done. So if you want to install it under the sink cabinet, make sure there's enough space so the LED driver doesn't overheat.

Q: How do LED drivers work?

A: LED drivers change high voltage alternating current into low voltage direct current. Additionally, they maintain an LED circuit's voltage and current at the recommended levels.

Q: Is it normal that my LED driver gets warm when plugged in?

A: As with most electrical components, when plugged in, they can get warm. Be sure to read the specifications of your LED driver and don't connect more LED strips than the LED driver can handle.

Q: Are all LED drivers dimmable?

No, make sure the LED drivers specifically state on their product specification sheet that they are dimmable power supplies. It is safe to presume that a LED power supply cannot be dimmed if dimming is not mentioned at all in the specifications. We offer both non-dimmable and dimmable drivers for LED lights.

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