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How Phillips Hue Light LED strips look inside our polycarbonate light tubes

How Phillips Hue Light LED strips look inside our polycarbonate light tubes

LED diffuser tubes

Our Smokies Series polycarbonate LED diffuser tubes often attract the attention of Phillips Hue Light strip fans who want to either try to replicate Phillips Hue fixtures or build lighting fixtures using the Phillips Hue components.

So, due to popular demand, we have demonstrated using Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus with our Smokies38 and Smokies70 LED tubes in both black and white plastic versions.

The Hue strip has been placed running along the bottom of the tube, and I have set the system to run on the Soho scene.


  1. The Smokies70 Frosted white tube gives the best overall diffusion.
  2. The Smokies38 Series tubes diffuse the light obviously, but the Phillips Hue strip diodes are spaced so far apart that the definite light segments are still visible. The light gaps are not necessarily a bad thing as it still gives an impressive dynamic effect.
  3. The black LED tube diffusers give impressive contrast, especially with warm colors.

custom Hue Gradient light tube

DIY Hue Gradient light tube

 custom Hue Gradient light tube

Applications and ideas for LED light tubes

Our LED strip diffuser tubes come in 9.8ft (3 meter) lengths and can be cut to any size. We also have a complete CNC service center to build custom lighting fixtures and components.

Some ideas of what these lighting tubes could be used for:

  • Hue Gradient light tube
  • Phillips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip 75
  • Phillips Gradient light strip
  • Hue Gradient light tube
  • Play Gradient light tube
  • Philips Hue Play Gradient light tube
  • Large Play Gradient Light Tube
  • Long Table Light
  • Table light tubes
  • Battery operated table lamps
  • Philips Hue Table Lamp

If you are wanting to use the smaller tubes for a project but need uniform lighting then you could use strips like our High CRI RGBW IRIS Series Strip or IRIS XL RGBW Strip along with our Casambi Controllers

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