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Trust Wired4Signs for RV and Vehicle Conversion LED Interior Lighting

Trust Wired4Signs for RV and Vehicle Conversion LED Interior Lighting

The LED advantage

Vehicle and RV interior lighting has evolved over the years, and today there is a better alternative to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs: LED lighting. LED interior lighting is attractive to customers because of its durability, energy efficiency, flexibility, and brightness. Demand has been on a rapid rise, as LED lighting solutions are increasingly used for signage and decoration in houses, vehicles, and businesses.

LED Lighting in RV and Vehicle Conversions

An ideal match for LED strips and channels is in RV and vehicle conversions. Vehicle conversion customers are embracing a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for their interior LED lighting solutions. But for vehicle conversion service providers that offer LED lighting installation, it can be difficult to choose a supplier. In this article, we share why Wired4Signs LED lighting solutions are the best choice for your commercial RV and vehicle conversions.

RV LED linear lighting example

Benefits of Wired4Signs LED strips and LED channels in RV and Vehicle Conversions

Versatility of LED products

Versatility is a hallmark feature of Wired4Signs's LED interior lighting products. Wired4Signs's product line includes more than a hundred LED channels, with multiple types that are suitable for interior lighting for RVs and vehicle conversions, including:

These types of profiles are great for a variety of applications, such as under-cabinet and cove lighting, as they can be installed to be barely noticeable.

In addition to our large selection of LED profiles, Wired4Signs offers components for the installation of its LED profiles. These include covers, reflectors, end caps and mounting kits, which can fit more than one type of profile. Component versatility ensures that you have what the customer needs without having to purchase too many component variations to match the exact profile.

Light diffusion and color

The rapid rise in the use of LED strips and channels has been fueled by different factors, including the improvement of light diffusion. Wired4Signs LED strips are available with different lenses including clear, frosted, and prismatic. These lenses transmit light differently and can be used uniquely to suit the customers’ needs and aesthetic. We also offer LED strips that come in a variety of colors to allow for customization, including RGB + Amber or Warm white.

Technology Integration

Wired4Signs offers a variety of programmable LED light solutions that the modern vehicle conversion customer is likely to be interested in. This might include Bluetooth controlled lighting, so the interior ambience can be controlled by a smartphone. Music controlled LED lighting is also growing in popularity, which is the perfect upsell for customers already looking at multi-colored LED strips.

Less heat generation

Wired4Signs LED strips and LED channels generate less heat as compared to other lighting technologies. LEDs are up to 75% more efficient for light output and consumption than incandescents. They operate at much lower temperatures and therefore do not affect the temperature of the space within the vehicle. This will lessen the load on the air conditioning system and battery, as well as reduce safety and fire risks. The aluminum channel prevents overheating by drawing away the heat from the LED, thereby enhancing the performance and prolonging the equipment life.

Applications of LED strips and LED channels in RV and Vehicle Conversions

Wired4Signs’s flexible LED interior lighting systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. Here are some ideas:

  • The Smart-In10 recessed profile can provide continuous light running across the interior wall of an RV, van, or other large vehicle.
  • Recessed LED profiles such as the Slash8 and Groove14 can be installed in a variety of settings such as counters, ceilings, and furniture.
  • Corner LED profiles such as the Corner14 with 30° or 60° lighting directions and the Quarter10 with an LED strip aligned to a 45° angle could effectively illuminate display cabinets inside a mobile retail showroom or mobile marketing vehicle.

Examples from Wired4Signs RV and Vehicle Conversion Customers

Some of Wired4Signs’s customers provide examples of real-life applications of its LED interior lighting products in vehicle conversions:

  • Jason and Renee Busse: This engineer and interior designer has used some of Wired4Signs’s LED profiles in their vehicle conversion of a schoolbus. They share their “skoolie conversion story” on their Instagram account @the_busse_bus.
  • Vannon: This company has incorporated LED profiles from Wired4Signs in some of their conversions of vans into off-grid outdoor adventure vehicles. Check out examples of the LED interior lighting inside their Mission and other van models on their website at

An Easy Choice

While installing LED interior lighting for an RV or vehicle conversion project can be challenging, finding a source of LED interior lighting products should not be. Wired4Signs offers our own brand of LED lighting solutions as well as being as an authorized distributor of carefully selected manufacturers for LED profiles, light sources and power supplies.

Get in touch with us today for more LED lighting vehicle conversion ideas and to get a quote for your project.

RV LED ceiling lights example

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