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LED diffuser comparison test for SL7 profile

LED diffuser comparison test for SL7 profile

It is a question that we are asked over and over again: "What is the difference between the different diffusers for this LED profile?"

Each diffuser type has different aesthetics both when the LED strip is illuminated and when is it off. In this test, we used our in-house scientific light measurement tools to measure the the light transmission of the diffusers for our SL7 surface mount LED profile.

For purposes of this test, we used the 120 LEDs/m version of our White Iris Series High CRI LED strip in Warm White (3000K).


SL7 LED profile with Clear diffuser

SL7 LED profile with 50% Opal diffuser
50% Opal

SL7 LED profile with Opal Frosted diffuser
Opal Frosted

SL7 LED profile with Black diffuser

Test summary

Diffuser Light output Color Temperature Color Rendering (CRI)
Clear 33,739 lux 2,958 K Ra 95
50% Opal 27,172 lux 2,950 K Ra 95
Opal Frosted 23,571 lux 2,995 K Ra 97
Black 8,744 lux 2,954 K Ra 97

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Test reports

Product list

The following products were used in this test:

Other compatible profiles

The diffusers used in this test are also compatible with the following LED profiles:

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