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Avoid costly LED PSU installation mistakes

Avoid costly LED PSU installation mistakes

To ensure maximum life of your LED PSU (Power supply unit) we provide some useful tips  

- Ensure that the environment the PSU is installed in does not exceed the maximum ambient temperature specified by the manufacturer, eg. If the unit is installed inside a
weather-proof box, ensure the ambient temperature inside the box does not exceed the maximum ambient temperature spec of the relevant PSU.
Eg. HLG240-12A Ta = 50°C
- Ensure ample ventilation around the unit at all times.
- Ensure that the unit is installed horizontally and not vertically as this has a detrimental effect on the dispersion of heat through the unit.
- Ensure that the operating temperature of the unit never exceeds its maximum operating temperature specified by the manufacturer.
Eg. HLG240-12A Tc = 90°C
- Ensure that the material that the PSU is mounted on is capable of dispersing heat, e.g Aluminium  disperses of heat whereas wood is an insulator and can lead to heat build up.
- Ensure that the PSU has been secured in the correct manner, ie. Fixed down with screws/bolts and not hanging by the wires.
- Ensure that the spacing between PSU’s is at a minimum distance of 100mm.
- Ensure all connections are sealed to prevent corrosion.
- Ensure that the correct gauge wire is used to and from the PSU.
- We recommend that a safe load margin of 70 – 80% is applied when installations are in areas of warmer climate. Consult the product spec sheet for load at ambient temperature graph
- Ensure that the correct load current rated connectors are used.
- Ensure that the connectors used make excellent connection with the wire used, ie.
Compressed plate connectors, splicers, etc. – Not standard screw terminal blocks.
- When your installation is on a large building, ensure that lightening/surge protection, reliable earthing and solid state circuit-breakers are present and fully functional.
- Ensure that your mains power is stable and clean. Eg. A building with a number of lifts or heavy machinery can influence the quality of power. If the installation is poor, large voltage
drops can be experienced and effect the life of the PSU.
- We recommend that the transformers are mounted in an easily accessible area

 Our years of experience have taught us to only sell brands that have been tried and tested in the harshest environments. See our indoor LED psu and outdoor LED PSU range here   


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