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White adjustable under cabinet LED kitchen lights

Kitchen under cabinet lighting

Installing LED lighting underneath kitchen cabinets is the ideal way to enhance the beauty of your new kitchen and at the same time, good lighting will make it more enjoyable to work in.

Create Your Own Custom Under Counter Lights

It is not as difficult to design your own under-counter LED lighting as you may think! These are the basic components that you will need:

Step 1: Pick the color LED strip lights that you want

We offer a comprehensive range of LED tape lights, including plain white LED strip, color temperature adjustable (CCT) white strip, single color LED strip as well as RGB and RGB+W tape light.

Read our LED strip technical buyers guide and learn about LED color temperature. Then browse our range of LED strip light to choose the right one for your kitchen.

Step 2: Pick an LED channel profile as a housing for your LED strip

We offer a range to top quality aluminum LED profiles made in Europe. Choose whether you want to use a surface mount LED channel, recessed LED lights, or a corner mount LED profile for your kitchen.

Read our blog to learn how to cut LED channels and covers yourself.

Step 3: Pick an appropriate LED power supply

You need to match your power supply to the power requirements of the LED strip you will be using.

Read our tips on choosing an LED power supply and then choose the one for your job from our range of quality LED drivers.

Step 4: Pick an LED dimmer or controller

This step is optional for single color strips, but a controller is required for any color adjustable LED strip. Even for single color LED strip, using a dimmer is highly recommended to give you full control over the end result.

We offer a range of dimmers and controllers which offer wireless control for your LED lights straight from your smartphone.

Example project walk-through

The basic specifications and obstacles for this project were:

  • CCT (color temperature adjustable) lighting - The client wants the option of adjusting the light to be cool daylight light in the morning but have a soft warm white light in the evening
  • Marble countertops - The lighting needs to be diffused to hide unwanted reflection hot spots
  • LED shelf lighting - Floating shelves with LED strip lights on the underside need to be aesthetically pleasing as the lighting will be exposed to full view
  • Surface mount profile - Cabinets are already in place, so cutting for recessed lighting will not be possible
  • Remote control - The client wants to control the lighting via remote and therefore needs wireless control for their under cabinet lighting

Products we recommend for this project:

The results


Kitchen counters before adding under-counter LED lighting

...and after!

Kitchen cabinet with cool white under counter LED lights
Kitchen cabinets with soft white LED lighting effect
Floating wood shelf with LED lights underneath

CCT demonstration

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I control the brightness of my under counter LED lights?
A: Our wireless controllers can be controlled from your smartphone (with the free app) or with a compatible wireless keypad.

Q: What can I do to avoid hot spots (visible LED pixels) on highly reflective surfaces?
A: Use a high-density LED strip so that the pixels are close together, combined with frosted opal diffuser as the profile cover. Ideally, a deeper profile section also helps because it increases the distance between the LED strip and the diffuser. Alternatively, you can use COB LED strip which is effectively dot-free but we do not currently offer this in a CCT version.

Q: Don't under counter lights get hot?
A: LED lighting is a very efficient and generates much less heat than other forms of lighting. Along with this, the aluminum LED housing helps to dissipate the heat that is generated.

Q: If have tried off-the-shelf LED strip lights before and they got very dim after only a year or two. Can this be avoided?
A: Unfortunately most consumer LED strip is very poor quality targeting low prices only. Our LED tapes are all commercial grade LED strip manufactured in Europe from top quality components.

Q: Help! I don't really know what I need.
A: Not a problem, our sales team is experienced and ready to help. Contact us with your requirements and we will help you out.

Let us help you

Contact our sales team today to discuss your kitchen lighting project.

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