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Installing Shower Niche

Installing a Shower Niche Lighting

Choosing the right materials in installing a shower niche can be seem complicated. In this short guide, we'll make things clear and break down exactly what you need for a complete installation.

What Do I Need for Shower Niche Lighting

For most shower niche installations, you will need the following:

  1. Aluminum Channel: We offer a variety of LED channels for shower niches, but the most popular one is the Model Uni-Tile12 180Deg. It's incredibly easy to install and gives you an elegant, stylish finish.
  1. Covers/diffusers: Opal or clear covers are highly recommended for your shower niches. They serve a dual purpose - protecting the LED strip and creating a soft, accentuated lighting effect by diffusing the light evenly.
  1. End caps: Available in pairs or pack of 10 pairs, you can buy them here End Cap for Uni-Tile12 Profile. This helps keep the LED strip safe and dry, and gives a neat and finished look to your shower niche lighting.
  1. Waterproof LED Strips: Here are the two Waterproof LED strip options that work best for shower niches. They provide even lighting without any dark spots:
  1. Power Supply:
  • Use the Meanwell LPV model if you plan to connect your LED lights (either white or RGB) to a smart controller or a regular ON/OFF wall switch.
  • Use the Magnitude MinDrive 60 if you intend to connect your lights to a wall switch dimmer (Note that this is suitable for white LED strips only; RGB strips should NOT be connected to a wall switch dimmer).
  1. Smart controller: These are necessary for RGB lights and optional for white lights. They allow you to change colors, create scenes, dim the lights, and more, all from your phone or tablet. We offer two options:
  1. Silicone: After cutting the LED strip to your desired size, make sure to use silicone to prevent any water from getting inside the protective coat that comes with our waterproof LED channel or any areas where water could get in. You can use our Waterproofing LED sealant to keep everything dry and secure.

How to install Shower Niche Lighting?

Here are the basic steps for your shower niche installation:

  1. Location and Size: Begin by carefully deciding where you want to place your shower niche. Determine the size that best suits your needs and the available space.
  1. Power Source: Ensure there's a suitable power source nearby to ensure convenient electrical access for the LED lights.
  1. Prepare the Niche: If you're building a custom niche, frame and waterproof it with the right materials to ensure long-lasting durability and water resistance.
  1. Cut and Attach LED Strips: Measure the dimensions of your niche precisely. Carefully cut the LED strip lights to fit along the inside edges of the niche. Attach them securely at the top of the shower niche.
  1. Connect to Driver: Use heat shrink to waterproof the connections when connecting the LED strips to the LED driver or transformer.
  1.  Test Lights: Before finalizing the installation, activate the LED lights to verify proper functionality. Confirm that they emit the desired level of illumination and there are no issues with the connections.

Final Touches:

  • Seal the edges and corners of the shower niche with silicone sealant to keep water out.
  • Make any necessary adjustments or touch-ups to the tile and grout.
  • Check for any visible wiring or components, making sure they are properly concealed and securely tucked away.

By following all these steps, you'll surely install your shower niche lighting perfectly, achieving a professional and visually appealing result. To learn more about shower niche lighting, you can visit this link.

Enjoy your beautifully illuminated shower niche!

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